Margaret Sprott


PSA Mid-Atlantic  Chapter, Established 1997

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Margaret Sprott APSA began taking pictures with a point and shoot camera. Her husband was a more serious photographer and soon she wanted a better camera. She used her “Hand-me-down” camera for quite a few years and took a few photography courses until finally her husband and she started buying the same cameras. Now they are starting to want to travel more lightly so they each use a Nikon 5300 with an 18-400mm lens, usually without a tripod.

Margaret joined PSA in 2004 and was involved with the Newsletter Contest. She has served on the PSA board as the Publications Vice President in 2012-2015 and received her APSA in 2017. She continues to be very active in her local camera club, the National Institutes of Health Camera Club and has joined PSA study groups in the Projected Image Division and the Photo Travel Division. Recently she has become the newletter editor of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter and the co-associate editor of the Photo Travel Division.

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